Facebook Video Auto Play

Nothing is more infuriating that going to a website with a video playing on the background. That is what Facebook is exactly doing. They are now playing videos on pages that you open. Sounds like they are more concerned more about counting their video views than the actual user experience. At least they’re trying to be nice by muting the audio if you scroll down past the video. Facebook is giving you the option to have the volume ON automatically, but why would you do that? If you don’t want videos playing in the background at all, you can turn it OFF by going to the Settings and setting Auto-Play Videos to Off. That’s what I would do.

Windows 10 Cloud

ZDNet just published an article about the rumored Windows 10 Cloud platform. It’s interesting take and departure from Microsoft. The Windows 10 Cloud platform is supposed to be competing with the Google Chrome OS. This version of Windows 10 is rumored to be locked down. That means you can’t install any app that you want. To install apps, you have to go through through the Windows Store app setup. It’s probably best that they’ve decided this for security reasons. Some sources are also saying that the Windows 10 Cloud platform can also run Universal Windows Platform apps. Universal Windows Platform apps and Windows Store apps are not the same. We don’t really know if both app platforms are going to be supported until Microsoft reveals it. Is Windows 10 Cloud free? Will it run on all devices? We will soon find out.

Intel i7-7700K

Intel just released their seventh generation of CPUs called Kaby Lake. If you read the latest reviews of the new chip sets, the improvement over Skylake is not much. It’s essentially the same CPUs with slightly faster clock speeds. However, the latest chips will have support for 4k media, allowing you to play 4k Netflix. The i7-7700K looks like the direct replacement for the i7-6700K, with higher clocks speeds at 4.2 Ghz and boost at 4.5 Ghz. Benchmarks are slightly higher. If you already own i7-6700K Skylake, there’s no reason to upgrade, but if you own an older CPU, then it makes sense to purchase the i7-7700K for $40 dollars more.

Norway Killing FM

Norwegian officials have decided to replace FM with DAB or Digital Audio Broadcasting. The decision is a move towards the digital age over the older FM analog format. Hurray for progress! Norwegian officials are saying that the move will save broadcasters over $23 million dollars. In addition, it will give listeners a clearer digital sound.

Sixty six percent of Norwegians are oppose to the move, mainly because many Norwegians cars don’t have DAB receivers. Hey, nothing like listening to your voters! To get around the problem, DBA adapters can be installed in cars for $176. Ouch! But, a business opportunity for someone to make money. At the end of the year, there will be 15 million FM useless radios in Norway.

Here’s the the article from Mashable.

Mozilla 2015 Revenue Report

Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser reported that it made $421 million dollars in 2015. The reporting is one year behind. It’s not bad for a browser with a market share of just 11 percent. Google Chrome dominates the browser market at 55% followed by Internet Explorer at 23% and Microsoft Edge at 5%.

Does Microsoft Really Loves Linux?

Microsoft came out with an announcement that it loves Linux. Some don’t believe it.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent article by TechRights:

If one believes the lie, Microsoft now “loves Linux” and has officially joined the Linux Foundation. I have already responded to that over at Tux Machines where I also included many dozens of links to today’s nonsense (reproduced below), which was virtually everywhere. Remember these were quietly prepared in coordination with Microsoft/Linux Foundation before the announcements were actually made. It’s a well-orchestrated PR blitz that came out within an hour or two, reaching a lot of news channels simultaneously and drowning out opposition/scepticism.

It gets better.

There are reactions on the Web from pro-GNU/Linux people who are not so easily fooled or mesmorised by the torrent of Microsoft propaganda, delivered primarily by Microsoft-friendly writers who got groomed and prepared for it at least a day in advance (one writer accidentally published his article half a day too early and quickly took it down, he told us). There is relevance to patents, as one Red Hat employee put it: “I do wonder what #Microsoft joining #Linux foundation means wrt to those 250+ patents #Microsoft licenses to #Android OEMs.”

Read the TechRights article here.

Zuckerberg’s Bad Day

So, Mark Zuckerberg had a bad day at the office. He lost $3 billion dollars in one day when Facebook shares dropped 5.5%. How’s it that possible? Well, the guy owns 418 million shares of his own company, which is worth about $50 billion, making him the 5th richest man on earth.

Of course, he actually doesn’t have all this money in his pocket. The money tied up on the market on the shares he owns, until he dumps some of them and cash them out. Based on his money tied to the market, his net worth will go on the same direction as the market goes.

Essentially, Zuckerberg is going to have good days and bad days.

Samsung Recalls Top Loader Washers

If exploding phones were not enough, Samsung is now calling back 2.8 million units of its top loading machines because they could literally fall apart during use. There were a couple of injuries already reported. One person had a broken jaw and another with an injured shoulder.

Apparently, this is not new. Earlier this year, there was a class action suit against Samsung because some washers were exploding. Am I the only that thinks Samsung is on the wrong business. They should be selling ammunitions.

If they keep this up, they might as well change their company name to Samsuing.

LastPass Now Free On All Devices

LastPass is now free on all devices. Previously, you had to pay a little bit extra to use LastPass on all your devices other than your desktop computer. As of today, LastPass is now available free on all your devices. You can now do all the things that you could do on your desktop on all your devices for free! And that includes the ability to save and fill out passwords, a password generator, secure notes, and two-factor authentication. Well, it’s a good thing I resisted to pay extra for my devices. Seriously, if you like to go Premium, it’s only $12 per year. LastPass has to make money somehow. So even with that, it’s not like you’re going to break the bank. It’s an excellent program after all.

How to Install Ghost on Ubuntu 16.04

What is Ghost?

Ghost is an Open Source software project. What does that mean, exactly?

Firstly: It means that the Ghost application is free. Free to use, free to modify, free to share, free to redistribute. You can do anything you like with the software, without legal restriction. When you download a copy of Ghost, you own it. It’s completely yours.

Secondly: It means that Ghost is created almost entirely by volunteers. The project is organised and run by a small, Non-Profit Organisation called the Ghost Foundation – but it is developed in public, by a large group of contributors all over the world who donate their time and skills to creating a blogging platform for everyone. You can help!

Ghost is an application which is created for and made possible by its community of users.

How to Install Ghost by HowtoForge.