Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast

Google is now selling $15 dollar ethernet adapter specifically for Chromecast. It’s for people who have unreliable WiFi connections, which is big damper if you’re streaming movies. The ethernet adapter comes with a power supply and a USB port where you connect the Chromecast device. In addition, the ethernet adapter will also provide power to Chromecast. At the moment, the ethernet adapter is only available in the USA, and is already sold out. Will you get one when it becomes available?

Online Radio Ads

I don’t have a stereo receiver at home. On occasion, I like to listen to a local radio station online via iTunes. My biggest gripe are the ads. Do radio stations really need to play 15 minutes of ads before I hear the actual show? The only reason I stuck around was to find out how long the ads would run. 15 minutes of ads! You got to be kidding me. No one has that kind of patience just to hear a radio show. So now, I have this policy. If I hear ads, I simply switch stations. I know radio stations have to make money, but 15 minutes. Annoying if you ask me.

11 Attacks on Fiber Backbone

The FBI is investigating 11 attacks on Internet Fiber backbone in the San Francisco Bay Area this past year. The cutting of the fiber cables resulted in the disruption of Internet access to local businesses, as well as residential areas. Is this an act of vandalism or something more sinister? The attacks reveals the vulnerability of the Internet infrastructure. How do you exactly protect hundreds of miles of fiber optic cables? You can’t put up thousands of security cameras as a deterrent. That would be impractical. In this particular incident, the attackers were able to get to an underground vault. Why aren’t these vaults secure? Why aren’t there any surveillance cameras?