Please no more Slideshows

It seems to me that every interesting article that’s out there use some kind of slideshows. I think it’s time to nuke that idea. I’m tired of viewing articles with titles of top 10 destinations, top 10 tech tips, and top 20 advices, and every one of them use some kind of slideshow to display their content. It’s getting to point now that it’s no longer a pleasant browsing experience. Viewers spend too much time clicking on the next button. And those stupid popup ads that seem to interrupt every third or fourth slide. It’s ridiculous. It’s getting to a point now that I refuse to read or view anything that has slideshows. The more people refuse to view any content with slideshows, the better it will be for the user experience. Content providers will eventually get the clue and stop using them. That will be the day.

Black Fridays Are Going Away Eventually

Black Fridays are going to be a thing of the past. Why go to a store on Black Friday if you can just stay at home and order the items online. Many retailers are now making their sales available online as well as in their stores. And we all know how much cheaper it is to sell online. You don’t have to stock up your stores or move merchandise. Here’s some tech items available from Amazon and Walmart on Black Friday.


Google and Asus finally introduced Chromebit, a device on-a-stick that runs Chrome OS. Chromebit plugs directly to a HDMI port of a TV or monitor. It also has a USB port at the other end. It’s a full-fledge Chromebook computer capable of browsing, playing videos, accessing emails and a lot more. It retails for $85. It’s powered by a Rockchip 3288 quadcore processor with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, along with WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 support. This means you can use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to it. At $85, it is one of the more affordable computer on the market.

Node.js v5

Node.js v5 development releases are going to be faster than in the past. It’s an intermediate release and it’s not part of the LTS (long term release) plan. Because of the rapid releases, it’s not recommended to those who find upgrades to be a challenge. The focus of this release is to get the new features delivered to users quickly. Here’s the post from

Google Acquires FlyLabs

Google has acquired iOS videographer Flylabs. It could mean an overhaul of Google’s Photos app which means improvement on the video editing capability of Photos. Fly Labs is making their iOS app available for free which include Clips, Tempo, Fly, and Crop. It’s available for the next three months.