EU Getting Rid of DST

The European Parliament voted 384-153 to get rid of Daylight Savings Time. The vote still needs to be ratified by European member states and EU Parliament members. The claim is that DST doesn’t really save money, it screws up people’s schedules, and leads to many more accidents.

$15 Digital Ocean Droplet

Digital Ocean has a new $15 droplet. It’s similar to the $5 droplet in terms of CPU with 1 vCPU and 20GB of storage. The difference is in the amount of memory and data transfer. It has 3 GB of memory which is 6 times more than its predecessor. In addition, it has 3 times the amount of bandwidth at 3 TB per month. Give it a try.

Firefox 54

I just updated to Firefox 54. Is it the best Firefox ever as touted by others? I’ve been using Chrome lately. Occasionally, I use Firefox just to check out to see what’s going on with the competition. Firefox 54 contains multiple content processes which prevents it from sucking up the much needed RAM. Multiple content processes improve the stability and performance because it prevents one lousy tab from affecting the performance of other tabs.  You get 4 content processes as the default. If you want more, you can change the configuration from about:config. If you want to learn more about the nitty gritty of Firefox 54, check out this Mozilla’s blog post.

Google Pixel Sold 1 Million Units?

The Verge is guessing that Google has sold roughly over 1 million units of Pixel phones. It’s hard to guess how many were actually sold without Google stating the claim. Verge’s guess is based on the download counter in Google Play. Will Pixel make a dent on the Android and iPhone’s market share? Check out the comparison between Galaxy 8 and Google Pixel XL.

Drought Is Over

The drought in California is over! Five years of very little rain. This year is another story. It feels like it hasn’t stopped raining since October. And we barely into winter. Last year was supposed to be El Nino year for California, but it didn’t rain much. This year, California has received more rain on a non-El Nino year. NOAA just made the announcement that the drought is over. However, a large swat of Southern California continue to remain in drought. In the north, most major reservoirs are above average. Heavenly Ski area received 12 feet of new snow just this past week.

Norway Killing FM

Norwegian officials have decided to replace FM with DAB or Digital Audio Broadcasting. The decision is a move towards the digital age over the older FM analog format. Hurray for progress! Norwegian officials are saying that the move will save broadcasters over $23 million dollars. In addition, it will give listeners a clearer digital sound.

Sixty six percent of Norwegians are oppose to the move, mainly because many Norwegians cars don’t have DAB receivers. Hey, nothing like listening to your voters! To get around the problem, DBA adapters can be installed in cars for $176. Ouch! But, a business opportunity for someone to make money. At the end of the year, there will be 15 million FM useless radios in Norway.

Here’s the the article from Mashable.

Leaving Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail has been hacked numerous times the last couple of years leaving me with no recourse but to abandon it. I’ve used my Yahoo account for years, signing up on just about everything that had a presence online. So, it was extremely important for me that I stop using Yahoo Mail for my security.

Over the last couple of months, I have been slowly switching my online accounts over to another email.  The migration has been slow and an arduous process. It took me roughly a couple months to complete the migration. Here’s how I did it.

  1. First, I cleared all spam.
  2. I then deleted all emails that were not important to me, including what was in the Send folder.
  3. I compiled a list of important websites that had my Yahoo account.
  4. I logged in to those sites and changed them to my new email address.
  5. I kept all the important email messages and placed them on a couple of folders.
  6. I then archived them and secured them to a local drive.
  7. I then deleted all the remaining messages on my Yahoo account. It now has zero messages.
  8. However, the account is still active. I need it for my Yahoo Fantasy Football. 🙂
  9. Occasionally, I still get email, but nothing of anything important.


Netflix Offline Player

Netflix is now allowing certain movies to be downloaded and watched offline. It’s perfect if you’re on a plane or on the road when you don’t always have access to a fast internet connection. Netflix allows you to choose between standard or high quality. Standard quality is lower resolution, smaller size, and faster to download. The high quality is much more sharper, a larger file size, and you need a longer time to download. Here’s the official announcement from Netflix.

The Modern Olympics

The Olympics is really, really old. It goes all the way back to the Greek antiquity – 776 BC to be precise. But who gets the credit for starting the modern Olympic games? Apparently, it was through the efforts of a French named Baron Pierre de Coubertin. He was tired of seeing France lose wars, so he started the the revival of the Olympics. The first modern Olympic games were held in Athens in 1896. Read more about the Olympic revival from this article from Deadspin.