OS X El Capitan

Just read at IW that the new Apple OS El Capitan has locked out users from gaining access to root.

If you haven’t heard, Apple has locked out root from various file system paths and core functions in Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan. The new sheriff here is System Integrity Protection (SIP), which reduces root privileges in an attempt to increase security.

The gist is that no user — not even root — can write to /usr, /bin, /System, and /sbin or debug protected processes. Apple has also removed the ability to use unsigned kernel extensions through boot-time flags. It’s important to note that SIP can be disabled, through the recovery partition, but this will typically be done only for development and testing purposes.

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Apple Fixes iOS9

Apple has fixed iOS 9 bugs that have prevented many users from upgrading to the latest iOS platform. One of the more common bugs that people have encountered was the stuck on slide to upgrade problem. Some have experienced certain alarms and timers that were no longer playing. The latest version is iOS 9.0.1. If Apple says it has fixed the issues, then it might be worth it to upgrade your iPhone or iPad to the latest and greatest version.

Apple TV Double as Gaming Station

Apple just announced the latest Apple TV which will double as a gaming station.

From Huffington Post:

After years of speculation, Apple has finally announced an upgraded Apple TV that will include video game capabilities and a full range of apps. The device integrates with traditional streaming apps like Netflix, but will also host video games like Guitar Hero and Rayman Adventures, offering people one system for many of their media experiences.

“Our vision for TV is simple, and perhaps a little provocative,” Apple’s Tim Cook said. “When you experience TV this way through an app, you realize how much better it can be.”

The new Apple TV will have more power for a better graphics experience, and a new remote with a touch sensor that doubles a controller. The device also has a universal search function that will allow users to find a show or movie across multiple services. Subscribers who have various applications like iTunes, Netflix or HBO could, in theory, search for an episode of The West Wing and then watch it on the service that had it in the catalogue.

It looked like the rumors were indeed true. The 32GB version will sell for $149 and the 64GB version at $199.

Rushing out to get one? The price though!

Apple TV Target Price is $150-$200

Apple is scheduled to release the 4th version of Apple TV on September 9. The target price is rumored to be between $150-$200. At that price, it better be really good. Roku is $99 while Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV are less than $40 dollars. The new Apple TV biggest feature is said to be with the remote. For owners of streaming boxes now, can Apple do enough to convince them to forego their current devices and buy an Apple TV for $200. That question will be answered when Apple introduces the Apple TV on September 9. Here are few articles about the upcoming Apple TV: ComputerWorld, 9to5Mac, and Gizmodo.