Posted in Theme on May 21st, 2005 by ulysses

Welcome to the Black-Letterhead page, a WordPress 2.1 theme based on Robin Hasting’s theme called Letterhead which in turn is based on Kubrick, the default theme for WordPress 1.5.

I modified the colors of Letterhead and called it Black-Letterhead because of its black background. The color scheme was inspired by the team colors of the San Francisco Giants, a Major League Baseball team.

I entered this theme in the WordPress 1.5 Theme Competition hosted by Alex King. Since then, numerous websites have popped up all over the world using the Black-Letterhead theme. Some have altered it even more by using different color schemes.

I created this page to provide support for current and future users of the Black-Letterhead WordPress Theme. You can download the latest changes from the download page.