Black-Letterhead 1.6.2

I just released Black-Letterhead version 1.6.2. This latest version supports WordPress 2.9 scheduled for release within a week. WordPress 2.9 has a new feature called post thumbnails. It allows a thumbnail or an image to be displayed in each post. Previously, blog owners have been using plugins to have this feature available on their blogs. You can download the latest Black-Letterhead theme from the download page.


3 Responses to “Black-Letterhead 1.6.2”

  1. David says:

    Very funky design, how can i implement it in my new blog? Airportloungeentrpreneur.wordpress

    Ta! Sorry if i’m missing the obvious

    • Scott says:

      After downloading the theme, upload (ftp) it to your themes folder which is located in your wp-content folder.

      Then go to your blogs admin area, click appearance>themes and select the theme.

  2. Scott says:

    Really like this theme. Is this the end of the road for updates or can we expect a new release for wp 3.1.3?

    Thanks for the great design 🙂

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