Black-Letterhead 1.6

Black-Letterhead 1.6 is now available. The latest version now supports WordPress 2.7 which comes with several enhancements. The bulk of the WordPress 2.7 enhancements is in the redesign of the administration page – the Dashboard. It sports a new vertical menu bar on the left side with lots of new features too numerous to mention here.


The new Black-Letterhead 1.6 theme have these new features:

Threaded Comments

Black-Letterhead 1.6 takes advantage of one of the latest enhancements of WordPress 2.7, particularly in the area of threaded comments. Threaded comments are replies within a reply. Replies are placed directly underneath a reply instead of at the end of the list. Threaded replies are also indented to display a thread discussion.

Threaded comments will need to be enabled in the `Settings – Discussion` for the threaded comments to show up on the screen. Once enabled, you will see `Reply` links on every comment. Clicking on the `Reply` makes the comment form jump to that particular comment. `Click here to cancel Reply` will restore the comments form to the bottom.

In addition, Black-Letterhead 1.6 was coded to be downward compatible, meaning it will work with older versions of WordPress, not just WordPress 2.7. The theme contains a code that detects if a new function in WordPress 2.7 called wp_list_comments() is available. If it is, the script will load `comments.php.`

If your blog is running an older version of WordPress, then the theme will run the `legacy.comments.php` file. This is where the old comments.php code is stored. The code here is essential to keeping the Black-Letterhead downward compatible to older versions of WordPress.

Colors and Page Widths

I’ve added a several new features to Black-Letterhead 1.6.  The use of alternate stylesheets and a tiny Javascript allows for the theme to be styled with various colors and page widths. The change is instantaneous with just a click of mouse. The color options available are: the original orange color, red, blue, green, yellow, purple and teal. The two page widths are `default` and `wide` set at 760 and 960 pixels wide respectively.

To change colors or page widths, just click on `Preferences` located at the bottom of the Sidebar. The script sets a cookie in the user’s browser for a period of 365 days. If the cookie gets deleted, it will revert back to theme’s default setting. Cookies allow for browsers to remember the user’s preference for a period of 365 days.

Rotating Header Images

Another feature in 1.6 is the support of multiple and rotating header images. To add a header image(s), just place a 960x200px header image or images in the `images` folder. The script automatically detects an image and will display it. If more than one image is present, the script will randomly display the headers. If there are no images, the theme displays in normal mode.

Black-Letterhead 1.6 comes with a sample header image in the `images` folder. Just delete the image if you don’t want it. If you want rotating headers, just place 2 or more images in the same folder. The rotating script will randomly display the header images. If you use the Firefox browser, you may have to press Ctrl-F5 to refresh the screen.

As always, for support questions, please visit the Support Forum.



13 Responses to “Black-Letterhead 1.6”

  1. [Ramon] says:

    Yes please, thanks 😀

    Perfect timing, next week I go back to Japan, and people wil visit my travel blog again.
    Now I can test your new time on my 2.7 test server.
    After a few days I can perform the upgrade from 2.6.5 and 1.5 to the 2.7 and 1.6.

    Thanks again 🙂

    • ulyssesr says:

      I see youre running 1.6 now. Have a great trip.

      • [Ramon] says:

        yeah I just updated it.
        I installed in my test environment, and it worked fine.
        Made a backup from my real blog, installed new plugins, installed 2.7 and then your new theme.

        Applied some and mods I made to the various .php and the css file.
        Everything is fine now.
        Oh.. see my entry in your support forum. I want something removed and need your help. 🙂

        And thanks, I will be going next week for a short Christmas holiday !

  2. Atlas Cerise says:

    A fantastic upgrade as always. Thanks very much.

    Does the size of the threaded comments shrink on all the WordPress themes or just Black Letterhead? The concept of WP 2.7’s threaded comments is interesting, but it gets so small and difficult to read that I am not sure I see the complete benefit.

    Anyway, Black Letterhead continues to be my favorite WP by far. Thank you for continually updating and supporting it.

    • ulyssesr says:

      Atlas Cerise. I’m not sure. I have to look at the code why it’s doing that. Let me look around and see what I can do. Thanks.

    • ulyssesr says:

      Atlas, I found the problem. For a reason the list gets smaller and smaller. I’m adding this code to the end of style.css to fix this issue.

      .children {

      • Atlas Cerise says:

        I added this code but it still gets smaller and smaller. For some reason, it still gets smaller, even on your web site (even as I type this). And Ramon’s reply above is smaller than your replies to me.

  3. frank says:

    how to add there theme tool kit ? cause its to small 🙁 1.4 is still the best 1

  4. carlos says:

    Hola: no sé si es posible, pero desde ya muchas gracias.

    Estoy usando Black letterhead, que me pareció el más lindo.
    Quisiera que no se vea en la columna derecha-abajo, lo siguiente:

    Diciembre de 2008
    Cerrar sesión
    XHTML válido
    CSS válido
    Atom 1.0
    RSS de las entradas
    RSS de los comentarios

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