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If you have questions about the Black-Letterhead theme, please use the Support Forum. The Support Forum will serve as a single repository consolidating all support questions and solutions. It will also be a single point of entry for getting help.

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12 Responses to “Support Forum”

  1. gartGrobreNer says:

    I am here at a forum newcomer. Until I read and deal with the forum.
    Let’s learn!

  2. ulyssesr says:

    This is just a regular comment.

  3. giorgio says:

    hello ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have 1.5 on my 2.7 wordpress blog but i can’t see threaded comments and i can’t see the reply button (only the Leave a reply dialog) Do i have to enable something in the code? I mean, i have already enable threaded comments in the wordress option, but look like don’t work for me. Any clue?



    • ulyssesr says:


      I’m very close to releasing the Black-Letterhead 1.6 which works with WordPress 2.7 threaded comments. I’m actually testing it here by replying to it. Just another day or two, I will release it. Thanks.

  4. steve says:

    I’m trying to get my pages in an order of my choosing. I’ve tried putting order numbers in each page edit, from 1-11, and I’ve downloaded My Page Order plugin. With My Page Order I can drag the pages to where I want them, but it still doesn’t show up on my blog. I’ve gone to my Page widget numerous times to make sure it’s set to Page Order. In reading countless forums, it was mentioned that maybe the template that I’m using is overriding the page order function.
    So, is it possible that the Black Letterhead template is overriding the page order commands that I’ve been making myself crazy over?

  5. arabesque says:

    Iโ€™d like to add an extra field to my comments form and have it display in Comments. I installed the Extra Field plugin and modified the code in comments.php and legacy.comments.php as instructed but I canโ€™t get the field to display with the comments. How can I rectify this?

  6. fantronomy says:

    I want to completely rid of the dash lines that look like this ———- all over my blog when I add ads and images. Anybody know how to do that?

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