Black-Letterhead 1.5

I’ve just released Black-Letterhead 1.5 which now includes gravatar support. The new theme will display gravatars or globally recognized avatars when visitors leave a comment on your blog. No more gravatar plugins needed.

I made some CSS style changes to fix the IE formatting issues in the comment section. IE and Firefox displays are now identical. I also updated the footer section to reflect the 2008 copyright.

I’ve decided to discontinue the use of Theme Toolkit in 1.5 to simplify maintenance of several versions of the code. If you still want to use the Theme Toolkit, it is still available for download in version 1.4.

The Black-Letterhead 1.5 is now available for download here.


32 Responses to “Black-Letterhead 1.5”

  1. Ramon says:

    Sweet 😛

  2. Cecil says:

    Excellent theme. I’ve searched a long time for something I like for my first wordpress site. I love it.

    An issue though; can’t get any header image to show up, not my custom image nor any defaults. Is it possible the the script, which is pointing to a url, is not there anymore, or something like that? Anyway to just get my custom image to show up static?


  3. Cecil says:

    I figured out the header image issue. Feel free to strike that part of my comment. Loving the theme still stands. Thanks

  4. ulyssesr says:

    Cecil, was it something to do with rotate.php being block by your hosting company? Someone told me that was an issue for him. I’m glad you figured it out. Cheers.

  5. daniel chow says:

    Hello Ulyssesr,

    We use your theme for our club’s online newsletter. What we liked about version 1.4 was that we could easily modify the text color and the width of the page. To accommodate our older readers.

    We were wondering if you would create second default theme following the color scheme we’ve picked and making the body text a bit larger and the spacing a bit wider, because our older readers find the current default text and spacing a bit of struggle for comfortable reading.

    We hope you would have the time to do a second default version of Black-Letterhead for readers who have some difficulty reading small text.

    Thank you.

    Daniel Chow
    Photographic Society of Philadelphia

  6. ulyssesr says:


    You should be able to change the body font from 75 to 100%. You can’t miss it. It’s the first entry in style.css.

  7. Juan David says:


    Ulysses, first I want to say thanks to you, I really like this theme. I think is great.

    And I want to ask you something too. I use this theme with the wordpress language configuration set in spanish, and the information under the post title is not well translated.

    For example, in english would appear something like “Posted in on July 25”, but in spanish it appears like “Posteado en sobre Julio 25…”. The correct sentence should be “Publicado en en Julio 25…”. It would be great if you can do something about it, although I don’t know if it has to do with the theme or is a wordpres thing. Thanks a lot, anyway.

  8. ulyssesr says:


    I’m assuming your blog is hosted at My theme is actually coded in English only. uses language packs with a .po extension to translate a theme to multiple languages. I suggest you contact the owner of the .po files that is using to make that correction. I’m quoting WordPress Codex….

    If you want to customize the translations displayed on your screen, or add translations for terms that are still displaying in English after installation, you will need to download the .po file corresponding to the .mo language file you installed. Then you will need to translate additional terms and create a new .mo file — see Translating WordPress for more information.

    The problem is, will not allow you to upload a file to their server or edit the php template core files. Your best bet is to contact the owner of the language .po file. Perhaps that person can make the correction and update the .po file at

    If your blog is hosted somewhere else, you have a little bit more freedom.

    Here is a list of Spanish translators.

    Good luck!

  9. […] frühere Versionen des Theme als auch die neue Version 1.5 (englisch) sind da eher statisch, und lassen sich nur durch edieren der Quelldateien an die eigenen […]

  10. Loona says:

    @daniel chow:
    There is also another possibility to solve your font size problem:

    Download and install the WP-ChgFontSize-Plugin. Activate and configure it (minimum, default and maximum font size). This way your readers can choose their preferred font size themselves. Plus you can set a new default font size easily through a menu. It needs JavaScript on the client side.

    You can see it in action in combination with the Black Letterhead theme at my site.

    Regards, Loona.

  11. […] gibt es die deutsche Übersetzung (bzw. Internationalisierung) “meines” WordPress-Theme Black Letterhead v1.5. Dieses Theme wurde von Ulysses Ronquillo geschrieben und von mir […]

  12. Loona says:


    I’ve made a German translation of this version. It can be found here.

    Regerds, Loona.

  13. ulyssesr says:

    Loona, Thank you for translating. Of course, I will not be able to understand. I’ll stick to English. : )

  14. Loona says:

    Ulysses, you see:

    This is the beauty of Free Software:
    You are thankful it got translated,
    I am thankful I could translate it.


  15. Joshua says:

    HI! I love your theme. Im wondering, is there a way to change the width of the theme?

  16. DK says:


    I am planning on using your theme on my new blog.

    I noticed that between version 1.4 to 1.5 you have removed the ability to adjust the width from within the theme manager.

    How would I change the width of the left (main) column in 1.5? I just require a few more pixels for my content 🙂

  17. MyOrbit says:

    Hello Ulyssesr, this is a very good theme. Simple and stylish. The letterhead structure makes it great even for professional purposes, like newsletters and business reports. Thanks!

  18. Stein! says:


    Congratulations! Your theme is awesome, I use it in my blog (see the link in my nick). Thank you very much.

    But I have a little problem, I hope you can help me:

    I always insert images in my entries, but now when I insert an image in a new entry or page, two lines appears around the borders of the image (sometimes in the left side, and the top, and sometimes in the right side and in the bottom). You can see it visiting my blog, in the last entry (called “House of the dead”) yo can see that in the right image, appears two lines in the borders. How can i avoid this lines?, it’s very strange, because in the past posts, there’s no lines.

    I hope you have understood me, sorry for my english.

    And in anticipation, thank you!

  19. what a gorgeous stylesheet!
    i fell in love with it at

  20. ulyssesr says:


    It could be the transparent background of the image and not necessarily something wrong with the CSS or theme. Can you try another image? It’s very unusual tho have image borders for one image an not on others.

  21. ulyssesr says:


    Great job on your blog. I love your header image particularly the wave in the background. I surf so I always notice things like that. Good luck with your blog. All the best.

  22. Loona says:


    In order to make my translation of the theme available, I wanted upload it on the German WordPress community site. But upload there is suspended indefinitely because of legal concerns.

    So I thought I’d upload it to WordPress.ORG. But then the requirements there say that the theme has to be my own original work. Which it is not. I am just the translator.

    But I think your expressed consent would be as good as. — Do you?


  23. [Ramon] says:


    Just wondering… within a few weeks WP 2.7 will be released. Have you (or anyone else) tested BlackLetterhead on one of the Betas? Will you continue develpment on a new release after 1.5?


  24. ulyssesr says:

    Ramon, I’ll take a look if there are any theme changes to support 2.7.

  25. great! Thanks for sharing.

  26. Atlas Cerise says:

    While I don’t look forward to upgrading to WP 2.7 (I don’t like the new sidebar menu system), I DO look forward to Black Letterhead supporting it. I saw your comment in the support forum about a newer release coming next week. Thanks. I am running a modified version of 1.3, and figure I will upgrade to WP 2.7 and make the changes to your theme all at once. This is by far the best WP theme out there. Thanks again!

  27. peter says:


    thanks for the theme really nice

    is there a way that i can chance the color from the read more tag
    only the read more tag ?

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