Black-Letterhead 1.4

I just released Black-Letterhead 1.4. There are no major changes in the theme. I just cleaned up the code a little bit and added the much needed Tags, a feature since WordPress 2.3 was released. I’m making two versions available for download, one with the Theme Toolkit and the other without it.

What’s the difference?

The Theme Toolkit allows you to customize the Black-Letterhead Theme with ease. You can change theme colors, use two different widths either default or wide, switch sidebars from right to left, and add header images, or rotate multiple header images.

If you like to hack and modify the Black-Letterhead Theme, I suggest you download the default Black-Letterhead. The Theme Toolkit adds a level of complexity when customizing the theme.

As always, the theme can be downloaded from the Download Page.



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  1. Renato says:

    I had download your 1.4 version of Black -letterhead
    How I change my version to this one
    I don’t know how to do (very fresh blogger hehe)
    I like my version but I preffer it wide
    How do I change?
    Thank you

  2. ulyssesr says:

    Renato, You can download the latest version with the Theme Toolkit which will give you a wider layout. You can overwrite the old copy of Blackletterhead with the latest. It’s located in wp-content/themes/.

  3. aboutmiracle says:

    Hello.. πŸ™‚

    thank you for the -black letterhead- theme. It’s pretty cool. I really love it..!

    But i feel there is something different between this theme with another WP theme.

    When i opened a post page, then the sidebar dissapears.
    Sometime, this make my visitors confused, because some of them don’t understand how to back to the front page [home page]. So, they just leave my blog…

    suggest, Its best if you keep the sidebar on the post page… πŸ˜‰
    what do you think?

  4. Esaul Daris says:

    I use Black-Letterhead direct on wordpress. I loved to use it. But I’ve a question about:

    1. “How to set my adsense on wordpress with Black-Letterhead themes?”

    2. “How to showing up only article’s per page to show?”

    Please, I need advice about these…


  5. ulyssesr says:

    Esaul, Unfortunately you can’t since your blog is hosted at If you have another blog hosted somewhere you can add adsense by using the Adsense Plugin. There are at least a couple out there.

  6. Eric Hamby says:

    hello and thank you for such a great looking theme. is there a way to reduce the gap between post previews on like the index page. if you vlisit my site at you will see what i mean about the large space between the post info. if i could shrink that just a little i could get about 15 more post on the page and still have everything in line at the bottom.

  7. ulyssesr says:

    Eric, Since you are using Black-Letterhead with the Theme Toolkit. There are some embedded CSS values that override style.css. Go to function.php and make the CSS changes there. Look for the .pagepost and .post margins.

  8. Heidi says:

    I love your theme, I have been using it on my wordpress blog since I found it. I recently purchased a domain name and am trying to use your theme with my pic (see on my new blog/domain ( I am totally struggling with getting the photo to show up. And the background color is grey, not black. Would love some help.

  9. Heidi says:

    Need your help. When I downloaded the wordpress WXR files it somehow messed up my custom image header. Now it is showing the screenshot. Any ideas? I have reloaded those files over and over again. I am getting nowhere. Would really appreciate some help. Thanks!

  10. ulyssesr says:

    Heidi. What’s up? I saw your new site. Everything seems to be working ok. The header image seems to working ok. By the way, what is WXR? I’m not familiar with it. Let me know if you need anything else.

  11. robin says:

    Hi, I recently emailed you about the sidebar disappearing thing and I tried to fix it as you suggest, but using, I cannot open the single.php. Is there any way to switch the sidebar to show up on single posts using the wordpress style sheet? Sorry to hassle you with this question again! Thank you.

  12. ulyssesr says:


    I didn’t know your blog is located at Unfortunately, will not allow you to edit single.php, so you are out of luck. If your blog was hosted somewhere, the change would have been an easy one.


  13. robin says:

    Thanks for the clarification. Oh well! πŸ™‚

  14. Ramon says:

    Are there any incompatibilities with WordPress version 2.5?
    If there are, will you fix them and release v1.5 of this great theme ?

    Kind regards,


  15. renatoq says:

    Hi Ulysses

    I run a standard wordpress blog using the version of Black Letterhead that comes with (therefore, no customization at all). There seems to be a minor problem with the timestamp of the comments: an “a” invariably appears instead of “am” or “pm”. You can see it, for example, in the comments here:

    Is there any way to fix this?

  16. I really LOVE your theme. Just a small request: in your next version can you please include the ability/option to multiple sidebars. I’ve noticed there is a mod version of this called: 3c-Black-LetterHead by Hakan Aydin, but my understanding is this theme is your baby πŸ™‚ , and that’s why I’m tossing out this request to you.

    Also, how can I mod the grey background? I’d like to drop it a few shades darker. Were would I go to config that?

    And all that said – a sincere THANK YOU! This is one of the best themes I’ve found out there for WordPress. It’s organized, sharp, stylish, and professional. I appreciate and applaud your creativity and time dedicated to this theme, as well as you releasing it for public use.

    Romantic Torment
    Creator / Writer / And Other Things…

  17. ulyssesr says:

    Hello. Sorry for not responding fast enough. I’ve been out of blogging the last couple of months.

    Ramon, the latest version works with 2.5 as is. No mods needed. I will include Gravatar support in the next release.

    Renato, the “a” you are saying actually means “at” in English. See the date format above of this comment. Whoever did the translation in the WordPress language files made a literal translation of the date format from English to Italian.

    Romantic Torment, just open style.css. change the background-color set at #333 to #222 or #111.

    Thanks all.

  18. renatoq says:

    Sorry Ulysses, my mistake. That “a” is ok: what is wrong is the “e” that appears in the comments after the timestamp. I cannot guess why. Thanks anyway, R.

  19. Ramon says:

    Correct me if I am wrong πŸ˜‰
    The ‘e’ is for Edit. With the right permissions, someone can edit that comment.


  20. renatoq says:

    Whoops. You are right, Ramon. It was as simple as that. Thanks for the explanation.

  21. Ramon says:

    About the ‘next release’ of Blackletterhead… are you working on it ? πŸ˜›
    And if so, when can we expect it ?

  22. Ramon says:

    Maybe also a good idea to update the copyright in the footer.
    It still says 2006…

    ‘Copyright Β© 2003-2006’

  23. Zote says:

    Hi Ulysses, first thank you! I love your theme.
    Any news about a new version that supports gravatar?
    To suppers gat between now and release date, can you help me how to enable gravar? I have installed and activated gravatar official plugin, and using blackletterhead 1.4. I tryed, but I dont know where I have to put

    thank you

  24. Ramon says:

    Everyone died ?

  25. I’d also be interested in 2 colums – Im going to update now and see if the wide version allows it.

  26. Also is there a way to remove tags?

  27. ulyssesr says:

    Ramon, Zote

    I’m still alive. I’m currently working to update Black-Letterhead to version 1.5. I will release sometime next week. The new version will include inherent support of Gravatars – without the need for a plugin. I’ll also update the copyright section per Ramon’s request.


  28. ulyssesr says:

    Regretful morning,

    I might work on a 3 column version in the near future. Yes, you can remove the tags. They are located in post.php and single.php. Just remove this code:

  29. Ramon says:

    Nice, I am looking forward to it.

    Something different now! In the footer you see the time it takes to load the page.

    Yours load in <0.8 sec most of the time. Do you use some cache plugin to realize this?

    I also see you are hosted by You use Shared hosting (share a server with many other sites) or private (own server) hosting?

  30. Ramon says:


    I am experimenting a little with photo galleries.
    Some of them work nice, but the default theme is rubbish.

    I have been playing a little with myPh3 gallery and made it match Black Letterhead so I have a gallery and blog with the same looks.

    But then I started playing with Coppermine, another well-know image gallery.
    Is there a theme that looks like (or is) Black Letterhead?
    I dont know much about HTML, PHP and CSS code, so it is a little too difficult for me to edit myself.

    Perhaps someone has already done this, or wants to help me?
    I would appreciate it a lot!

  31. ulyssesr says:

    Ramon, the gallery looks really good. I played around with Gallery a few years back, but I haven’t touched Coppermine. I tried to design Gallery once using the Black-Letterhead theme, but I later decided that I really needed a template with a wider width. If you Firefox browser, consider downloading the Web Developer extension. It will allow you to play around with CSS on the fly.

  32. Ramon says:


    I haven’t tested Gallery yet, planning to do that this weekend or zo.
    Thanks for the advice, I will install the plugin and see if it is easier.

  33. Ramon says:

    I played a little with Gallery, but I didnt really like it…
    And instead of building a standalone gallery, I just installed a WP plugin called ‘NextGEN Gallery’. I prefer this one πŸ™‚

    So, how is 1.5 doing ^_^ ?

  34. ulyssesr says:

    I’m currently using version 1.5. I’ll let it run for a couple of days before I release it. The gravatars seems to be working ok. I noticed Ramon does not have a gravatar. Time to sign up.

  35. Ramon says:

    Sure I would sign up, but I get this message: “User registration is currently not allowed.”

    Besides the Gravatar support, have you added, removed or changed anything else ?

    In about 16 days from now I will be visiting Japan for one month.
    Last few weeks I have been playing with WordPress, this theme, image gallery’s and some other stuff in a test environment . A few days ago I registered a new domain and created a new WordPress blog. At the moment I am running 1.4 of Black-Letterhead. I will use it to post pictures and how I am doing and what I’ll be doing there…

  36. ulyssesr says:


    Maybe the Gravatar website was down when you tried to sign up. For version 1.5, I updated only three files: comment.php to add the gravatar code, style.css to format the placement of the gravatar image, and I updated the footer. That’s it. Very minimal change.

    Good luck on your trip to Japan. I never been there. Well, just at the airport while in transit. That doesn’t really count. Take lots of pictures and keep us posted.


  37. Ramon says:

    Thanks πŸ™‚
    It is also my first time in Japan, so I am excited.

    Although I am Dutch, I will post in English because of some international friends I have. At the moment there isn’t much to see at my blog.

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  39. Loona says:


    I’ve made a German translation of this version. It can be found here.

    Regerds, Loona.

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