Black-Letterhead Disclaimer

If you have encountered websites using the WordPress Black-Letterhead theme, please be advised that I am not responsible for the content of such websites. The Black-Letterhead theme was originally released to the WordPress community for general and public use. I’m not in any way responsible for the content of such websites other than the websites that I own personally, namely and the Black-Letterhead pages.

This is to inform all current and future Black-Letterhead Theme users that I have started to prohibit the use of the Black-Letterhead theme on any website that contains hate crime, racism or pornography. Any site using the aforementioned content above will need to remove my name and any links pointing to my websites. If my name and links are not removed, the person will be asked to stop using the Black-Letterhead theme all together.

Thanks for your understanding.



6 Responses to “Black-Letterhead Disclaimer”

  1. Americo says:

    Thanks for the theme, i might not use it after Halloween, but i’ll sure know who made it when I see it, bravo!

  2. ulyssesr says:

    Americo. I didn’t even associate the theme’s colors to Halloween until you mentioned it. Go for it. Enjoy.

  3. Ulysses:

    Good for you!!!

    I currently have my blog at but will be moving to my own server the first of November. I am using Black Letterhead and came here to get the theme download to use when I move. Read your disclaimer and I most heartily approve. I would make anyone who violates your disclaminer remove the theme all together.

    John Botscharow

  4. Loona says:

    Hello Ulysses!

    First off:
    Thank you for this great theme!

    Second off:
    My thoughts on the issue that you don’t want to be connected to blog content written by others: The sentence “Copyright © 2003-2008 Ulysses Ronquillo. All rights reserved.” that appears at the end of each article (page) when using your theme has probably led people to believe that you wrote the articles.

    Actually I have changed this in my footer to “Copyright for the design theme © 2003-2008 Ulysses Ronquillo. All rights reserved.”, because I already thought that it might be ambigous when I first saw the theme in action on my site. Perhaps it would be a good idea to do something similar with the distributed theme? Or perhaps “Powered by WordPress v 2.6. an BlackLetterHead 1.5 – BlackLetterHead is © 2003-2008 Ulysses Ronquillo. All rights reserved.”?

    As much as I sympathise with prohibiting the use of the Black-Letterhead theme on any website that contains hate crime, racism or pornography, I am not sure whether you actually have the power to do that… (I am not a lawyer.) But WordPress is released under the GNU GPL. And the GPL demands that any software linked with GPLed software must also be GPLed. And I think that a WordPress theme would qualify as ‘linked’ to WP. And you may not impose the above mentioned restrictions on GPLed software.

    Please don’t get me wrong: I don’t think that it’s nice that you (if I am right) have no legal means to stop porn spreaders or racists from using your work, I just think that it might me the case.

    Best regards,


  5. ulyssesr says:


    I dig the purple colors! Good choice! It looks great. Regarding the copyright: I thought about removing my name in future releases of the Black-Letterhead theme. It just makes it simple and avoid potential issues in the future. Some people still email me about other people’s blog entries. What I can do is to leave a link to the theme’s homepage and leave the copyright out! The copyright was originally on my website since it was my content. I should have left it out for distribution. Thanks for dropping in!

  6. Loona says:

    > colors
    🙂 *blush*

    As I already noted in the appropriate thread I’ve made a translation of your theme into German. Is the way it is displayed in the translated version (as seen on my site) to your satisfaction?

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