Black-Letterhead 1.3

Black-Letterhead 1.3 is now available for download. The latest version comes Widget ready just like the previous version. Version 1.3 uses the WordPress Theme Toolkit allowing authors to create Admin menus for customizing their themes. The latest features with version 1.3 include the ability to:

  1. Select sidebar location: left or right.
  2. Select between two page widths: narrow and wide.
  3. Select whether to use header images or no header images.
  4. Ability to support rotating or random headers.
  5. Ability to modify theme colors such as main text, links and titles.

All these features are available from the Theme’s Configuration Panel. Give it a try. Download the latest from here.


17 Responses to “Black-Letterhead 1.3”

  1. Thanx by skin!Werry good and nice! 🙂

  2. DhammaSeeker says:

    I recently went back to the Black-Letterhead theme after leaving it for awhile, and I’m very happy with the latest developments. I love the clean, simplicity of this theme and now with the ability to easily change up the color scheme, it’s good for all seasons. Mahalo!

  3. Sven says:

    First: Thanks for this great minimalistic Theme but I`ve one Question about the justified textalign/structure in the “Black Letterhead Version 1.0”, and the rightsided textalign in the new “Version 1.3”. I´ve loved the textalign in version 1.0 (the justified/blocked version) and now it isnt in the new version. What could I do to change this, becouse I´ve tried it now since 4hours. I tried to change the thetextalign-segments in the Style.css for “post” and “commentlist” but both dont works. is it more to change or isnt it possible in the new version?

    Second: I hope you understand my problem becouse my english isnt so good. Sorry for that but I`m from germany.

  4. ulyssesr says:


    Look for the following entries in style.css :


    and put this CSS code
    { text-align:justify; }

    That should do it.

  5. Sven says:

    Hello, it’s me again.

    Thanks for your answer first, but now i’ve changed these 3 entries and only the direct post site have justified text. The main site (with all new posts) is still leftsided. I’ve tried to change some other things on the .post-entrie, like margin or text-decoration, but still nothing have changed.

    I’m done with my knowledge. PLEASE help!

  6. adam says:

    Thank you for the skin.
    I’m not able to activate the random header image. Do I need to change the code in the Header. php or the rotate.php?

    BTW, that FrenchFragFactory link is dead.

    Thank you for your time.

  7. ulyssesr says:


    Sorry for the late response. .post should have taken care of it. Can you re-check your .post entry. It should look like this:

    .post {
    text-align: justify;

  8. ulyssesr says:


    Did you place the images in the images folder? Also, you may have to use Ctrl + F5 Ctrl + Shift + Refresh to make Firefox refresh the page as well as clear the browser cache.

  9. adam says:

    Hi Ulysses,

    Thx for the quick reply. There are 4 stock images already in the folder and I added one more just to test it out. And yes, I did try Ctrl+5.

  10. ulyssesr says:


    So, did it work? Can you send me your link?


  11. adam says:


    2 things I discovered that newbies like me should watch for:

    1. Adblock Plus
    You have to allow Adblock to except the page…. (Adblock is a double-edged sword.)

    2. If you have forced fonts in the Options panel, the fonts will change.

  12. eric says:

    Regarding the Image rotation function and Adam’s discover, AdBlock blocks php scripts named rotate.php by default. Renaming it to swapper.php and updating the call to it in functions.php bypasses the AdBlocking.

  13. ulyssesr says:

    That’s good to know. Eric. I don’t use the Adblock plugin, so I never had encountered the problem. Good tip and thanks for clarifying it.

  14. Sven says:

    Now it’s finished! And it’s online! Thanks for your help ulyssesr and thx for the great skin too. Ive changed a few things and on mozilla it works great… only on inet-explorer something goes wrong, but thats for tihis point of time acceptable!


  15. Jorge says:

    Hi Ulysses, how are you?

    I’m using your theme for my website and I have a question.
    When I open a post, the sidebar disappears, is there any possibility to change this?
    My website is

    Thanks very much in advance for the response!



  16. ulyssesr says:


    Open single.php.

    1. change widecolumn to narrowcolumn.
    2. Add get_sidebar(); just before the get_footer();. Don’t forget the php tags.

    Hope that helps.

  17. Lars says:

    Hi Ulyssesr,

    Nice and simple theme!

    I have downloaded you theme but how do I add it to my website? I can’t search it on the wordpress site!?

    Thanks in advance,


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