Uninstall Flash Player

If you’re tired of all the vulnerabilities with the Adobe’s Flash Player, you may not need this piece of software after all since most video players nowadays are HTML5 video compliant. There might be a program or two that needs Flash. As an option, you can run Flash safely inside the Chrome sandbox. Here are the uninstall programs that you need to remove Flash on both Windows and Mac OS.


Mac OS El Capitan Now Public Beta

Mac OS El Capitan is now public beta. That means, you can now download and play around with the latest Mac OS. Apple plans to release El Capitan sometime in the Fall of 2015. If you’re curious about the new features of El Capitan, check out the video by DetroitBORG.

Spotlight looks really promising. The new Mission Control and split screen view is the feature we’ve all been waiting for. How about the pin tabs for Safari, or the muting audio from a single tab or all tabs? And no more spinning beach balls. What’s up with that?

Finally, they should have an official theme song for El Capitan when it comes out later this fall. I suggest they play this song containing this lyric, “Soy capitan. Soy capitan.”

Artificial Rhino Horns

From Slashdot.

Black Rhinoceros horn material sells for $65,000 per kilo. The rhinos are rare, which helps up the price, but the horn is also prized “as a fever-reducer, a cosmetic, an aphrodisiac, a hangover care. And so people highly value it in the Vietnamese and Chinese cultures. So we are trying to reduce that value by increasing the supply,” says Jennifer Kaehms of Pembient, a company that’s working to make artificial rhino horns that are not only chemically indistinguishable from the natural variety, but are 3-D printed to look the same. The idea is that if they can flood the market with human-made rhino horns, it will cut poaching — which is a big deal because there are only about 5,000 black rhinos left in the whole world.

Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast

Google is now selling $15 dollar ethernet adapter specifically for Chromecast. It’s for people who have unreliable WiFi connections, which is big damper if you’re streaming movies. The ethernet adapter comes with a power supply and a USB port where you connect the Chromecast device. In addition, the ethernet adapter will also provide power to Chromecast. At the moment, the ethernet adapter is only available in the USA, and is already sold out. Will you get one when it becomes available?