Lastpass or 1Password are password managers that allows you to keep track of your passwords. If you want a bit more privacy, there’s an open-source version called BitWarden, that you can run yourself on your own server. You can download the source code from Github, or better yet you can run inside a container using a Docker image. Instructions how to install are available on this article.

Reset Your Windows Password

If you ever lost your Windows password, you can recover it by running a Linux utility called chntpw. You’ll need to boot into some kind of Linux Live CD to be able to run the chntpw utility. There are a number of Live CDs out there, that you can download online, to run Linux on your system, without installing it on your hard drive. The tried and true Knoppix is one option. Ubuntu and Fedora have their own versions. For the full instructions on how to recover your Windows password, check this article from

Best SLR Cameras

If you want to know which are the top 10 best full frame SLR cameras on today’s market, check out Phil Hall’s article. The Nikon D850 tops the list for the best overall ultimate full frame camera. It’s a tad pricey at just below $3300. Check out the full review.