Opera 51

Opera 51 is 38% faster than Firefox 58. This is based on performance benchmarks performed on Apple’s Web Speedometer 2.0 browser kit. The other week, Firefox boasted a speed improvement over Chrome browsers. Opera has a market share of only 1.59% according to the site netmarketshare.com. Chrome browsers dominate market at 60%. Firefox and IE are competing for 2nd place each at around 11-12% market share.

Plain HTTP Will Be Branded Unsecure

Chrome 68 due in July 2018, will start labeling plain websites on HTTP as insecure. Google is saying that 68 percent of Chrome traffic now is secure. Getting certificates used to be an expensive proposition, but you can now get secure certificates for close to zero cost. If you’re site is still insecure, consider switching to HTTPS and getting a certificate.

EU Getting Rid of DST

The European Parliament voted 384-153 to get rid of Daylight Savings Time. The vote still needs to be ratified by European member states and EU Parliament members. The claim is that DST doesn’t really save money, it screws up people’s schedules, and leads to many more accidents.