Titan Password Manager

It seems like everyone is using a password manager these days. If you’re a Linux administrator, well you’re not left out. There’s a command line password manager called Titan which allows you to manage passwords that you administer. No more scribbling your password credentials on pieces of paper or placing them on insecure note applications on your desktop. You can now save your server credentials via the command line. You can recall them at anytime and even generate passwords for you. One thing it will not do is work on browsers like LastPass. Titan is strictly on passwords that you use via the command line. For more, check out this article from OSTechnix.

Google Image Encoder

There’s a new open-source image encoder from Google that can reduce jpeg files even further, as far down as 35%. The resulting reduction results in faster loading websites and less waiting times. The new image reduction algorithm is called Guetzli, which means cookie in Swiss German.

Guetzli works during what is known as the quantization stage, in which parts of the visual quality are reduced to make the file smaller. Guetzli tries to minimize the quality loss while still making the cuts necessary to improve the file size, the post said.

Read TechRepublic’s post about Guetzli.