Comcast Modem Upgrade Messed Up My Network

So Comcast decides to upgrade the firmware of their Xfinity modems. It basically screwed up my network. That’s what I get for using and relying on the network services of their router modem. How do I know that Comcast upgraded the firmware of their modem?

Well, my network used to be Comcast decided to reset it to My printer was no longer working because it was set to a static IP address. If you login to the modem, it no longer looks the same. They disabled a lot of features including one major feature called Advanced. When you click on it, it takes you to a page that doesn’t exist. Nice. Really quality stuff there.

In addition, they also disabled the configuration of the wireless network. You can’t turn it off or change it. But the WiFi is ON. I don’t even know the SSID or the password to my own wifi. By the way, Comcast’s built-in access point really sucks. It’s slow and has limited range.

What’s worse is, I now have a wide open SSID called “xfinitywifi” without any encryption. Seriously. I should sue Comcast for making network insecure. For a company that has a monopoly on cable, they don’t have it together. Far from it. So, I’m on my way to the store to pick up an Arris SB6141 cable modem. Comcast can have their exorbitant cable modem rental fee back.