Apple Music Has 10 Million Subscribers

A recent report said that Apple Music now has 10 million subscribers. Spotify has 20 million users, so Apple Music is halfway still behind. It’s an incredible climb considering the 10 million users happened in just six months. It took Spotify many years to reach the 10 million users mark. Spotify clearly opened up the flood gates for the music subscription service. Spotify paved the way. Apple is riding on Spotify’s coattails. The question is, will Apple Music eventually supplant Spotify in the future?

Windows 10 and Your Privacy

Here’s an article from Ed Bott stirring up the controversy:

Here we go again, with another ginned-up controversy over Windows 10 and privacy. I know, I know, you’re probably as sick of this as I am, and much of the “controversy” is being spread by dedicated Microsoft haters and clueless writers who make a living with breathless clickbait. They’re actually not interested in facts, because the controversy sells so well.

Read the article.

Google Cloud Cheaper Than AWS

Google said its cloud services is still cheaper than Amazon Web Services despite cuts made last week. Google added that the AWS price cuts were for on-demand and dedicated hosts, but customers are still locked in on their reserved instances that they’ve signed up for. Read the rest of the article.

Rams, Raiders and Chargers

The Rams, Raiders and Chargers have one thing in common. They all want to move to LA. All three teams have filed for relocation to LA according to the NFL. Based on history, the Rams deserve the first choice in my opinion because they were once called the LA Rams. The Raiders gets second choice being the LA Raiders at one point. I would give the third choice to the Chargers who situated a couple of hours south of LA. I thoroughly understand why these teams want LA, being the second biggest market in the US.

Firefox OS

Firefox OS didn’t really catch on in the mobile market, but Mozilla is continuing to look at other areas where it may use their operating system. There are rumors swirling around that Mozilla might come up with a 10 inch tablet, a keyboard computer with a Raspberry Pi, a Firefox firewall, and a Firefox stick to the Google’s Chromecast. Read the article.

Hoverboards Don’t Fly

These Hoverboards actually don’t fly like the ones in the “Back to the Future” movie. They do catch fire however which is completely unintentional. There are about 12 incidents of the lithium battery catching fire and destroying bedrooms and even burning down a home. What’s up with these batteries catching fire?

Livestream Movi Camera

Livestream has a new camera called the Movi. It’s a palm-sized 4k camera that let you edit while you stream. It comes with an iOS app that lets you edit your shots, by zoom in and out of your shots. It detects faces and motion and gives you 9 different shots to choose from at various degrees of zoom. It’s a 150 degree lens with a 4k sensor. Although its a 4k camera, it only streams at 720p. There’s no port for an external microphone. It has 1.2 amp battery that will allow you to run it for 10 hours. The camera has WiFi and Bluetooth support. It only works with Livestream service and that app is only available for the Mac.