OwnCloud 8.2.1

I’ve used OwnCloud on and off the last couple of years. Here are my older posts about OwnCloud. I started using OwnCloud again, just the other day out of curiosity. Two years ago, OwnCloud didn’t measure up to the competition. It wasn’t enough to get geeks like me to quit using Dropbox or Google Drive. One thing OwnCloud has going though, you own your own data. It’s very secure knowing you are the only one maintaining your own server. Fast forward two years, OwnCloud has gotten much better. The last version I used was version 6. OwnCloud is now at 8.2.1. There are now desktop clients for the PC, Mac and Linux systems. There are also apps for mobile devices: iOS, Android and Blackberry. The synching features are much better. And most of all, you can easily run your own OwnCloud server at Digital Ocean. They have a ready made image ready just for you.