Ubuntu One is Now Open Source

While Ubuntu is open sourced, there are quite a few projects under Canonical that are not. Ubuntu One was one of them. Now it is open source. Ubuntu just recently released it’s file synching code for Ubuntu One. Ubuntu One is cloud storage service.

“Today, we’re happy to be open sourcing the biggest piece of our Ubuntu One file syncing service,” Canonical Director of Online Services Martin Albisetti wrote. “The code we’re releasing is the server side of what desktop clients connected to when syncing local or remote changes. This is code where most of the innovation and hard work went throughout the years, where we faced most of the scaling challenges and the basis on which other components were built upon.”

Ubuntu One code is available from Canonical’s LaunchPad.

Publishers Complaining About Ad Blockers

When the Internet came, it didn’t take long for companies to start showing ads on web sites. Web sites were soon littered with ads. One page wasn’t enough. Advertisers soon began using pop-ups on multiple tabs and windows. One the more popular pop-up ads in use now is JQuery’s modal, where a web page is grayed out (disabled) in the background while the ads are displayed on the foreground. These ads usually requires some kind of action, whether to click on a link, subscribe to a newsletter, or close the pop-up. One thing is for sure, ads have become obtrusive. Ad blockers have became popular to combat ads. Some companies are now complaining that ad blockers are making them lose money or revenue. PC Mag reports that the global cost of ad blocker in 2016 is estimated at $41 billion. Companies will just have to accept that people will block ads especially if they are front and center. Obtrusive ads are just not the way to go.

Typekit is Down

Adobe Typekit is partially down. Some websites using the hosted web fonts service are looking a bit normal. A few websites have fallen back to the standard Arial font. On this site, I use Google fonts called Francois One and Bitter. It’s designed to fall back to sans-serif. It’s unusual for a web font service to go down, but just like everything else, they do go down occasionally.

Opera Browser Maker On Sale

The makers of the Opera browser is considering selling the company due to interest from several companies. The Opera browser, while innovative at times, they were the first one to implement tabs, have never been able to get a large share of the market. It’s currently standing fifth behind the more popular browsers on the personal computers market, and a shrinking share on the mobile market as well. Read the rest of the article.

WiFi on 900 Mhz

A couple of researchers (hackers) have been able to transmit WiFi signals on the 900 Mhz amateur ham radio band. Signals were successfully received as far as 20 miles away. But due to the technological approached being used using frequencies on the noise floor, the top speed is only achieved at 56 kbps, reminiscent of the dial modem speeds of the past. Nevertheless, the range is quite impressive. Read the rest of the article.

Zero Day Attack On Firefox

Apparently, there’s a website in Russia that has been caught exploiting the latest version of Firefox. In response, Mozilla has delivered an emergency update to patch the security flaw. The bug was found inside the built-in PDF viewer that allowed attackers to view sensitive data on users hard drives. The attack affected both Windows and Linux users. If you use Firefox, you should turn on automatic updates to allow the browser to apply the latest patches automatically.

Apple Store

If you’ve seen the Apple website lately, you probably haven’t notice anything new. However, there’s a somewhat significant but subtle change on Apple’s website. Gone is the Apple Store tab. You won’t find it on the top menu. It doesn’t mean Apple no longer has an online store. They still do. The store is now fully integrated on the entire website with Buy buttons on each product page. Also gone is the store.apple.com domain. It’s no longer being used. Lastly, the Add to Cart button is now called Add to Bag.

Articles with Slideshows

I just saw an article called ’14 Cool Hidden Tricks Inside Chromecast.’ It got my attention. It turned out to be an article with just a bunch of slideshows. I closed it right away. I understand why people would want to use slideshows. You can put more ads on each slide. But, how effective is the article if only a few people read them? There’s quite a few people like me who refuse to read articles with slideshows.

Learn Git

If you code, then you should learn how to use Git. Git is a version control system for keeping track of your code changes. Even if you’re just a one-man team, you could benefit from using Git. Here’s an excellent website that explains the entire Git process, from setting up a new repository to the more advanced features of Git. In addition, if you haven’t already signed up, I recommend that you create an account with GitHub. It’s free account for creating public repositories.