Google Plus Going Away

Is it true Google + is going away? It seems to look that way. It never did seem to gain any traction. The Facebook wannabe is now turning into Google Photos and Google Streams according to this article by Yahoo Tech. Just like Glass, another failed product from Google. I wander they killed off Reader which was popular to many people. Revamped

Here’s how revamped its own website. It started last year with the under-the-radar project when they migrated 17 active blogs into one WordPress install. The redesign took the approach of focusing on the responsive and mobile first perspective. In addition, also started using Amazon Web Services and its content delivery network, as well as using Varnish for its caching. stack looks like this. WordPress PHP, Stylus for CSS, Vanilla JavaScript and jQuery, Coming soon: React.js, and JSON API. For deployment, uses Vagrant, Gulp for task automation, Git hooks, Linting (check out stylint written by our own Ross Patton), GitHub and Jenkins.

Stop Ubuntu from sending your Desktop Searches

How to stop Ubuntu from sending your desktop searches to online retailers. Canonical has gotten a lot of flak for sharing Ubuntu users’ desktop searches to retailers. They plan to drop it with Unity 8 which is not scheduled until spring of 2016. Meanwhile, here’s a good article detailing how to disable your online search results.