Reverting to the Hard Drive

Six months ago, I installed a SSD drive on my Mac Mini. The speed of the SSD drive was a welcome addition. System boot up was cut in half. Access to applications were almost instant. It was all fun until I started having problems with SSD drive. Constant hangs and constant reboots for several weeks took its toll. Thanks to Time Machine, I’m now restoring my entire drive back to my original hard drive which is not in use. The restore process should take a couple of hours or so. I expect my computer to be slower with the hard drive, but it should be more stable than my current SSD.

Classic Yahoo Mail

Am I the only person who has switched back to Yahoo Mail Classic? What is up with all the bugs with the newer Yahoo Mail.  Attachments don’t want to attach, mails refuse to be sent, mails don’t want to move, select boxes can’t be selected, and many, many more bugs. I usually end up refreshing the page just to fix it. After a few of these, and the whole exercise gets to be really annoying? Today, I was crafting an email and Yahoo mail refused to send it. If I leave the page, I lose my mail. I ended up saving it to a text file. So frustrated.

Electric Skateboard

Skateboards are fun. There’s no doubt. It’s fun if you don’t have to work so hard. Enter Electric skateboards. There are 3 different kinds on the video. There’s Onewheel, where you just lean forward to move forward, and lean back to slow down. Then, there’s Zboard with a top speed of 18mph. There are two pads on the board that you have to step on for going forwards and backwards. You may have to dance a little to put your weight on the control buttons. Lastly, there’s Boosted board, a hand-controlled electric board. It’s much faster than the Zboard. It’s fast enough to go uphill. All these boards are built for just cruising, you can’t do a ollie or a kickflip.