Don’t Throw Away Those 3D Glasses

3D movies are typically a bit more expensive than your normal run-of-the-mill movie. Part of the reason why it’s expensive, is because of the high cost of production. Special 3D cameras are needed. There is a special editing process, as well as the cost of giving away those 3D glasses at the movie theaters. They all contribute to the high cost of production. But, don’t throw those glasses away. Take them home instead. Why save them? Well for one, you can use them with Google Maps. Yes, Google Maps has a 3D feature. Just go to the Google Maps ‘Street Level’ and switch to 3D. Don’t get rid of the 3D glasses just yet, even if it will make you dorky. Keep them around. So, the next time you are checking someone else’s address, just put on the 3D glasses and enjoy the view.