2012 Popular Antivirus Software

What is the most popular antivirus software of 2012? Avast Free Antivirus takes the lead, followed by Microsoft’s Security Essentials, and ESET NOD32 Antivirus takes third place. It comes at no surprise that the top two popular antivirus software are free to users to download and use. Curious about what rank your antivirus fall into? Read the ZDNet’s article.

Five Watt Web Server

Calxeda has 5 watt web server based on the EnergyCore ECX-1000 1.1GHz processor. Compared to Intel’s 3.3GHz Xeon E3-1240, the results were surprising according to ZDNet.

This makes the Calxeda SOC (Server on a chip) ARM hardware 15 times more power-efficient that Intel’s hardware. According to Calxeda, this translates into a 77 percent reduction of overall total cost of ownership over three years.

And CPU performance is quite acceptable.

While the EnergyCore ECX-1000 is not as powerful as the Xeon E3-1240 — with it only able to handle 5,500 requests per second compared to 6,950 for the Intel hardware — it manages this performance while consuming a little over 5 watts, compared to over 100 watts for the Intel processor.

Multiply a thousand times, you see the potential savings.

Linux Helicopter Drones

The US Navy just signed a $34 million dollar contract with Raytheon, to convert and install, up to 168 (VTOLs) vertical take-off and landing drones, from Windows-based to Linux-based drones.

The VTOL drone model is called MQ-8B, which are already used in Africa, Libya and Afghanistan. The Navy did not elaborate the reasons for the switch. Let me take a wild guess. It’s probably about security and stability.

This is a great win for Linux.

Mac OS Mountain Lion

Apple announced today, the Mac OS X Mountain Lion is due to ship in July for just $19.99. That’s about the same as 5 Starbucks lattes. The new OS will bring in a slew of applications and features available on the iPad and iPhone to the Mac.

Some of the new features will include “dictation, a Power Nap feature which updates your streams while the Mac sleeps and a tabview feature associated with the Safari browser, which allows you to zoom in and out. It will also get deeper integration with iCloud” according to Mashable.

Finally, here’s a video of the new features of the Mac OS Mountain Lion.