Bluefish Blank Document Workaround

Since switching back to Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS, I had one annoying issue with the Bluefish editor. When I double click on a PHP document, the Bluefish editor should automatically display the file. Instead, Bluefish launches a blank document.

Opening a file inside Bluefish, once it has launched, however, is not a problem. Blaming everything on Bluefish is unfair. The bug may be due to Nautilus. See discussion here. I call it a workaround because it fixes the issue, but it also creates another one. It disables opening up project files when launched.

If you don’t use project files, then by all means, use this workaround. This fix involves editing the command line options for Bluefish. Go to System > Preferences > Main Menu. You will find two Bluefish icons under Programming and Other.

Edit the command line option for the Bluefish icon under Other. Change it from bluefish -n -p %f to bluefish %F. See snapshot below. The two Bluefish icons should now have the same command line options, which is, bluefish %F.

I can now open files in Bluefish by double clicking a PHP file from within Nautilus. It’s no longer a blank document. Once again, this is workaround. It will disable opening up project files. I don’t use it, which is fine by me.