Back To Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Remember the good old days of Ubuntu, way before Unity and Gnome 3 were the norm? Everything seemed to work just fine in those days. I finally did it. I took a major step back. I am now using Ubuntu 10.04 as my default Ubuntu Desktop.

Crazy as that may seem. It wasn’t because I was searching for a piece of nostalgia. I just wanted to go back to when everything worked. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is a great distro to use as your base system.

Now that I am back to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, everything works as I remembered. By the way, Ubuntu 10.04 is LTS or Long Term Support and is now supported for 3 years instead of the usual 2 years. Ubuntu 10.04.3 Desktop is set to expire April 2013.

Incidentally, I still have the latest Ubuntu releases on hand, as well as other notable Linux distros. They run as virtual machines via Virtualbox on my desktop. In reality, the latest Ubuntu releases are only a few clicks away.

12 thoughts on “Back To Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

  1. This is stupid to go back to older release. Better is using Xubuntu 11.01 oraz 11.04 with GNOME 2, which has support to April 2013, like the older.

    Now, I sitting on Xubuntu 11.10 and it’s so great for me, even it have some unperfect features 😛

  2. Oh, I wouldn’t call it stupid. I can go back to any release I want if I want to since I’m entitled to use any Linux distro I want. Ubuntu 10.04 works perfect for me. Maybe, you should try Ubuntu 10.04 since you have unperfect features.

  3. No, it is not at all stupid. People seem to act like all Ubuntu releases are only supported for 6 months and they cannot stand not to perform a major upgrade / OS reinstall at that interval. I am also running 10.04 — I did not go back to it I have just never upgraded beyond it. It runs just fine and I do not get my “kicks” out of performing a major upgrade / OS reinstall every six months.

  4. I never left. All my boxes are still on 10.04. Next year, my main box will switch to Debian and Xfce, and my netbook will stay on 10.04 until one of them dies.

  5. I never even tried an upgrade from Ubuntu 10.04 because it’s a LTS release and it’s very stable and I work with that PC so I can’t have major upgrades every six months.

    When Ubuntu 12.04 is released I’ll see if there’s a point in upgrading, meaning whan desktop managers will be available. I could switch to another flavor of the Ubuntu family, more to Mint or to another distribution altogether.

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  7. Completely agree. I’m also back to 10.04 LTS but with one diference: I’ve instaled the server edition and the the ubuntu-desktop.
    Since it is the server edition, I get security updates until Apr.2015.

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