Selling Antivirus Software To A Linux User

Selling Antivirus software to a Linux user will probably not get you anywhere. On a recent trip to Frys Electronics, I was asked by a sales associate if I wanted to take advantage of a 50% discount on Antivirus software if combined with a purchase of a hard drive. I politely declined.

I wasn’t going to explain to him why I didn’t need it, but he tried selling it to me one more time. So, I finally told him that I’m a Linux user, and I don’t get viruses. So, that was the end of the conversation. I really hated doing that, sounding so smug and everything, but sometimes, you got to do what got to do.

I was only half serious about getting a hard drive anyways, since prices have gone up at least 10% due to the short supply, mainly due to the flood in Thailand that’s causing shortfall of hard drives to retailers and PC manufacturers alike. It’s probably not the best time to get a hard drive anyways. At least, not until the waters subside, and the supply side gets sorted out.

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