Linux Mint 12

Linux Mint was officially released on November 12, for almost a week now. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. For those not familiar with the Mint distro, Linux Mint is based on the latest release of Ubuntu, but with a few wrinkles. For starters, it works out of the box with full multimedia support.

So, no more hassles in trying to get your DVD movies and other multimedia formats to work, which is a common problem for people starting out with Ubuntu. You also get a Windows-like menu system. Hey, anything helps to smooth out the transition when switching from Windows to Linux.

Of course, not everyone in the Ubuntu community particularly likes Unity. Some, like myself, have reverted back to the old-style Gnome. I’m using Gnome Classic, albeit on Gnome 3. By the way, Mint 12 has Gnome 2-like features that’s definitely worth checking.

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