Install SSH Server on Ubuntu Desktop

So you just installed the latest version of Ubuntu on your desktop. You want to access your spanking new Ubuntu machine from another computer. There are two ways in accomplishing this: (1) the fast and easy way via SSH, or (2) the slightly more difficult way via graphics called Remote Desktop.

Let’s say we go with the easy route in this article. We want to access it via SSH. I’ll follow up with another article how to access your Ubuntu desktop using Remote Desktop. So, we want to access your Ubuntu desktop via SSH. What we need is a SSH server. We can easily install OpenSSH Server by just installing the SSH server from the Terminal.

Install SSH Server

sudo apt-get install ssh-server

Done. Simple.

SSH Client

Your remote computer must have a SSH client to access your Ubuntu desktop. I recommend that you use Putty if you are a Windows users. Putty is a SSH client program to access your Ubuntu desktop. If you are a Mac or a Linux user, you can simply use the Terminal. Access your Ubuntu server by invoking the SSH client.


That’s the IP address of my Ubuntu desktop. You can specify a hostname if you have an internal DNS that’s working. You can also specify the username and the port number if you using a different port from the standard port 22.

ssh -l username -p 2222