Ubuntu One 5GB Free Storage

If you’re looking for more cloud storage online, check out Ubuntu One, a cloud service that allows you to store files, share content with 5GB storage for free. And you don’t need to have Ubuntu to take advantage of its services. But, that defeats the advantage of syncing files with your Ubuntu desktop or your mobile phone.¬†Another advantage the ability to sync your Tomboy Notes and Firefox bookmarks.

Ubuntu One has additional paid services. You can get an additional 20GB of storage for just $2.99 per month or 29.99 per year. Music streaming is another service priced at $3.99 per month or $39.99.  In comparison, Dropbox gives you 2GB of free cloud storage. For $9.99 per month, you can get 50GB of additional storage. Dropbox to its credit, is available on PC, Macs and in Linux. Ubuntu One is only available for Ubuntu and smart phones.

Since I’m a Ubuntu user, it’s all good.