Google to Rename Picasa and Blogger

Google plans to rename Picasa and Blogger. Picasa will become Google Photos. Blogger will become Google Blogs. This is all part of an effort to rebrand some of the older Google products with a Google name on them. Picasa was acquired by Google in 2004, while Blogger was acquired back in 2003. I still think Google made a mistake by buying Blogger, albeit WordPress was first released on May 27, 2003. Clearly, WordPress is the better blog platform now. Read more about the rebranding of Picasa and Blogger from Mashable.

1 thought on “Google to Rename Picasa and Blogger

  1. Blogger just isn’t as easy to use as WordPress… it will be interesting to see if a new blogging platform comes along soon. With Google+ here, maybe Facebook is the next site to fall?

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