Grub: Signal Out of Range Ubuntu 11.04

I recently installed Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal on my desktop system. It’s a multi-boot setup along with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Windows XP.  One of the first things I’ve noticed after the install was the Grub menu is no longer visible. I’m getting a “signal out of range” error.

The Grub menu still works however. If wait long enough, after 10 seconds, the default Ubuntu 11.04 installation is launched. Choosing another option is like throwing darts in the dark. You don’t really know what you’ve selected until after the operating system is launched. The “signal out of range” error means Ubuntu has selected an incorrect screen resolution or refresh rate for Grub.

You can correct this by installing the “Startup Manager” and choosing the correct resolution. I’ve set my resolution to 1280 x 1024 and 24 bits. After setting the correct setting, you will need to reboot. The Grub Menu should be visible. If not repeat the process until the menu appears.

Startup Manager


3 thoughts on “Grub: Signal Out of Range Ubuntu 11.04

  1. So far Natty has been a bomb. It hangs on any package update and I keep getting the Out of Range message with no solution. Xubuntu 10 did not have this problem.

  2. Some others had this out of range problem. I had to startup with the live boot disk to get past the hang up at the out of range error. Then I was able to apply the solution you listed above. Btw In addition to the boot option screen there is also an advanced screen where you can pick a screen Rez. That was also set too low, so I changed that as well. I don’t see any words or grub info but so far it boots ok. Thanks for the tip!

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