Courting Blockbuster

Several companies are interested in buying Blockbuster, who filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy a few months ago. Dish Network, Cobalt Video, Carl Icahn and SK Telecom Co, who by the way, already dropped out of the running. Looking at this short list, it sounds like Blockbuster is worth the gamble, but it really isn’t, in my humble opinion. What would you do with Blockbuster anyways? Compete with Netflix? Might be better to just liquidate it. A few liquidating companies were considering. More power to whoever ends up with Blockbuster. As much as I love Netflix, it can use a little competition. Maybe, Hulu or even a third option will emerge sometime in the future. This is an excellent example of a old business model that became instinct in a hurry. Blockbuster just failed to cope up with new technology. So, the question is, would you buy Blockbuster? Or are you just courting for disaster.

Why Microsoft Wants Windows 8 Soon

Why is Microsoft in such a hurry to release Windows 8? After all, Windows 7 is barely a year old. It has been 17 months, to be precise, since Windows 7 was released. Most of us still haven’t upgraded to Windows 7 yet. So, why is Microsoft in such a hurry to introduce yet another version of Windows?

The answer could be as simple as Microsoft wanting their hands on ARM-based devices. ARM processors run majority control of today’s smartphones and tablets. Microsoft is obviously playing catch up in the smartphone and tablet arena.

The main issue for Microsoft is that majority of Windows users are still running Windows XP. A whopping 54% still run Windows XP. The good news is that Windows 7 users has overtaken Windows Vista users since July 2010.

But, majority of Windows XP users are still deferring upgrades. Expect Windows 8 to be released first quarter of 2012.

I Wish Data Caps Would Melt

I wish data caps would melt faster than polar caps. But this is wishful think on my part. In fact, data caps will soon be imposed by many network providers around the world.

Starting May 2, my Internet provider, AT&T will cap my broadband service to a mere 150GB. Someone pinch me and wake me up from this bad dream.

If I go over the limit for the first time, I will get a disciplinary message. Gestapo spanks. I’m shaking in my boots.

If I go over my cap the second time, I will get an ultimatum. Scary. Get my act together. It’s now or never.

The third time. Bam! I will be charge an extra $10 for the next 50GB. And the charges pile up to ad infinitum.

AT&T is not alone in joining the Internet axis of evil.

Comcast is already imposing 250GB limit.

In Canada, Bell Canada and Rogers Communications have limits.

The same in the UK. British Telecom and Virgin Media are entrenched.

So, what to do. Move to another country?

Somebody save this penguin.

Creating Subversion Tags in Ubuntu

I just ran into an issue while creating tags in Subversion. I was using the example given from the documentation how to create Tags.

The example command given is:

svn copy \ \
-m "Tagging the 1.0 release of the 'calc' project."

Unfortunately, this command spits out an error saying:
svn: Cannot mix repository and working copy sources

Here’s the fix:

Removing the backslash seem to do the trick. Anyways, I’m not sure if the Subversion instructions need to be updated to reflect this finding, or if this command only works in Ubuntu, or just on my system. Nevertheless, it’s one way of creating Subversion Tags in Ubuntu.