Angry Birds Owes iPhone

Rovio’s highly popular game Angry Birds has been downloaded 140 million times since its first release 16 months ago. Rovio can thank the iPhone for paving the way for its high popularity. Part of the appeal for the game is the game’s simplicity. It’s a simple idea of knocking down structures and solving a puzzle. It has enough challenge to make it interesting for kids and adults.

The other factor for its popularity is the price. The game is a mere $5 to download. It’s peanuts compared to highly-priced games available for the XBox 360 and PS2. The follow up Rio version sells for only a dollar. Rovio is also available for Android, Windows and Playstation. Where’s the love for Linux? In addition, Rovio is now pushing the game to China.

Rovio can thank the iPhone and its App Store partly for its success.

1 thought on “Angry Birds Owes iPhone

  1. Angry Birds started off my iPhone gaming. Before Angry
    Birds I didn’t see the iPhone as a gaming platform at all. It’s so addictive

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