Amazon’s Black Eye

When I saw an article yesterday that Amazon had a problem with their cloud services, I dismissed it as something temporary, something that can be fixed, in perhaps in several minutes, in maybe an hour or two. But when the news today surfaced that Amazon was still struggling to get several hosted sites online, I started to wonder what in the world was happening with the cloud. The cloud was supposed to be this super, highly redundant. highly resilient system. Maybe it isn’t.

Foursquare, Quora, Reddit and a host of other social websites rely a great deal on Amazon Cloud Services to serve their content. Maybe, it helps to have yet another option, just in case Amazon, or any other the cloud provider stumble as we’ve seen these past two days. The fact is, the cloud is not quite perfect. They may promise 5 nines, but we all know its not a 100% proof. The downtime alone, the past two days, have already made a big dent towards reaching the metric. So what are the lessons learned for many online companies who depend much on the cloud?

Should these companies have another backup plan in case the cloud fails?

2 thoughts on “Amazon’s Black Eye

  1. We also use AWS,it’s eco-friendly and hight performance. Also there is still some bugs,but There is not software or platform with none bug.

  2. Hopefully, they iron out their issues. To be fair this is probably the most highly publicized outage Amazon has had since its inception.

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