BookArch For Macbook Air

I saw the BookArc stand at MacWorld. I thought it was a cool product. The BookArc is from a company called TwelveSouth. The MacBook Air will rest on the BookArc in a vertical position. It’s perfect if you want a really tidy workspace.

You can get the BookArc for about $40.00. It fits both 11-inch and the 13 inch models of the MacBook Air. The stand is made of heavy gauge steel with a cushion insert. The stand fits snugly and has a firm grip.

TwelveSouth has another cool product. It’s called a BookBook. It’s a case that hides your MacBook Pro inside a classic looking book. With the BookBook closed, it looks just like an old book. Unfortunately, it’s not available for the MacBook Air.

The Bookbook comes in two colors: classic and red. No one would ever suspect you’re carrying a MacBook Pro. It comes in three sizes: 13, 15, and 17-inch. The BookBook retails from $80 – $100.