The New MacBook Air Can Decapitate You

The new MacBook Air is so thin, it’s a mere 0.11 of an inch at its thinnest edge. Not only is it thin, but the case is also made of aluminum. It’s not the hardest metal by any means, but it’s still metal. Thin and metal are usually associated with knives.

With a slippery surface and a narrow edge, the new MacBook Air can be a dangerous device, especially if you like to work in bed. Some people, like myself, love working with the laptop in bed, sometimes sitting up, and sometimes lying down and propping up the laptop on the lap or chest.

The problem with lying down is, there is a tendency for people to fall asleep. With the new MacBook Air’s slippery surface, you can easily loose its grip, and have the laptop slide down to your neck. It’s not quite decapitation, but it sure does hurt.

It’s a good thing, it only weighs under 3 lbs. The new MacBook Air’s thin edge is not the most comfortable against the skin. So, I suggest, if you’re going to work with the new MacBook Air in bed, at the very least, wear a turtleneck!

The last thing we want is a number of frivolous lawsuits against Apple.