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I recently bought a 13 inch MacBook Air and I’m loving it. I’ve downloaded several programs, mostly open-source to stay productive, but there is one piece of software glaringly missing. I don’t have an Office suite. Yes, no word processor, no spreadsheet and no presentation software.

Of course, there are many options. There’s Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Student 2011 which retails for $150. There is also Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business which sells for $280. Apple has a product called iWorks which retails for $80.

Then, there are several open-source options. OpenOffice is available for download. LibreOffice is not quite not there yet. It’s in Beta and is months away from being a general release. Then, there’s Google Docs, which is accessible anywhere, and in any platform.

Currently, Google Docs is currently my choice. I might switch to LibreOffice later when it becomes available. I’m trying to avoid OpenOffice if at all possible, only because it’s Oracle. iWorks is a good possibility. Microsoft Office for the Mac is a long shot and maybe out of the question.

What Office suite should I use?

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  1. I have had a MacBook Pro for a number of years. When need demanded a word processor, a spreadsheet and a PowerPoint, I chose OpenOffice. I have found it to be sufficient for my basic purposes – however, I must admit, it often fails to retain previously saved formatting precisely, for example, bullet points.

    While Oracle may have developed OpenOffice, it is my understanding that it is now open source.

    Just curious, but what is your specific gripe against using something created by Oracle?

    1. Hi Dan, I have nothing against Oracle and OpenOffice, in fact I use it. Oracle’s their track record show they haven’t been great, in terms of supporting open source. Take OpenSolaris, for instance. It’s gone. When Oracle was asked earlier about the fate of OpenOffice, they were non-committal. There was this whole fiasco about OpenOffice, when 33 developers leave and form a new group called Document Foundation to start LibreOffice, and the fact it has received major backing from the major Linux distros in such a short time. Then, there’s that lawsuit against Google for using Java. Anyways, thanks for your input. OpenOffice is great suite.

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