Firefox Losing Its Grip

Several weeks ago, I declared switching to Chrome on my PC and Linux desktops due to one thing, the speed of the Chrome browser was unmatched. Yesterday, I read an article stating that Chrome outgrew Firefox, IE and any other browser in the market, jumping 9% from usage in just last month.

If that’s not an indication that Firefox is losing its grip, wait until you read today’s article about Chrome, now being the number one browser used by Digg users who visit the site. When techies no longer use Firefox, it’s all the more reason to believe that Chrome has won the hearts of techies.

But wait, don’t abandon Firefox just yet. Mozilla will soon release Firefox 4 sometime in 2011. Will Firefox regain its luster?

3 thoughts on “Firefox Losing Its Grip

  1. I have switched to chrome for general browsing as well but when I am doing web development I need firebug. Firefox’s addons have kept me using the browser just long enough for them to get FF 4 out. Some of the new features look promising.

  2. I disagree. I think Chrome (and all its variants – Chromium) have motivated FF to improve its product. I agree with Rico’s comments – the specific library of add-ons in FF is far more mature and developed than Chrome and that alone makes me stay with FF.

    However add-ons can be a double edged sword. Good add-ons enhance the browser. Bad ones have crap memory management and may make the browser appear more sluggish than it may have been otherwise.

    Overall interesting times – the hyper-competition between the browser companies all benefits the user and bodes well for a good platform for HTML 5 to get some traction.

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