13 inch MacBook Air

I ordered a new 13 inch MacBook Air from Apple.com on Black Friday. Apple.com was dangling a 10% discount on select items. The 13 inch MacBook Air was one of them. I’ve decided long ago that I’ll go for a MacBook Air. I just didn’t know which model to choose. When the opportunity came along on Black Friday, I went for it.

The 10% savings was equivalent to about $101, a bit less than the amount that I’ll pay for the California sales tax. With that discount, I went ahead and doubled the RAM memory from 2GB to 4GB. The upgrade was well worth it. I’m excited. I can’t wait any longer for this laptop to show up on my door.

Apple gave me a FedEx tracking number. It’s interesting to watch this product shipped, from its origin of Shanghai, China, to Anchorage, Alaska. Soon enough it will be in the Bay Area and to my doorstep. I can’t wait. I said that already.