Ubuntu 11.04 Will Be Drastically Different

The next Ubuntu release, version 11.04, code name Natty Narwhal, will be so drastically different than any Ubuntu release, that you may not recognize it at first glance. The changes are going to be so dramatic. First of all, the Gnome Shell we are all accustomed to seeing, will be replaced by the Unity interface, which is already the standard in Ubuntu Netbook releases. Here’s a sneak peek of the Unity interface.

The Unity interface’s main strength is having easy access to applications. The familiar Gnome pull down menu taskbar at top of the screen will go away, to be replaced with Unity’s icons on the left side of the screen. The Unity interface comes with social media in mind. Unity users will be able to access Twitter and Facebook straight from their desktop.

In terms of office suite, LibreOffice will replace Open Office as announced earlier by Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu releases. In addition, Firefox 4 will be the default browser, along with Banshee, which will replace the Rythmbox Music Player.

Finally, here’s a sneak video of Ubuntu running the Unity interface.

2 thoughts on “Ubuntu 11.04 Will Be Drastically Different

  1. You can test the Unity Interface: Search for unity in Synaptics and istall the Package, than log out and choose Ubuntu Netbook Session at the Login-Screen.
    I´ve tested it, and it´svery good, the only bad thing, that you havent an panel.

  2. I actually have the Unity interface installed on my desktop. There are two Netbook sessions available. I seem to like the 2D version better since it mimics the old Gnome Menu better.

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