Don’t Forget To Renew Your Domain

If you own a domain, you’ve probably received an array of emails every year from your domain registrar urging you to renew your beloved domain. Several years ago, I waited until the very last day to renew one domain. A little nervy, but there were no problems, no downtime or any business lost.

Now, let’s up the ante. Let’s say you own a NFL franchise like the Dallas Cowboys. The richest franchise in the NFL. Your website and domain is Imagine waking up one morning and seeing this …


The horror!

So, how dysfunctional are the Cowboys this year? Well, besides the 1-7 record, and a 45-7 whipping last weekend, they can’t even manage to renew their website for a measley $10 dollars a year. Adding insult to injury, their domain registrar, Network Solutions, parked the Cowboys domain showing some ad links with an image of kids playing soccer. Classic!!!

I’m sure the owner of the Cowboys, Jerry Jones, could use a few extra dollars gained from the ad links – to get a new coach that is!!

Finally, I searched the Cowboys website for any highlights this year. This is the only I found worth posting.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget To Renew Your Domain

  1. Ouch! That must hurt them. Just a year or two ago thepiratebay was able to buy a domain of one of biggest anti-piracy organization.

    Let’s keep an eye on our domains, pay in advance or if we plan to have them for a long time – let’s just pay for a few years and have it done. đŸ˜‰

    1. They probably bought the domain several years ago, paid for one of these multi-year deals, and just completely forgotten about it since it was one of those one-time deals. Anyways, is still a screw up since the registrar sends out notices to owners of the domain.

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