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I own several WordPress blogs. I tend to use the same username and password for all my WordPress installs. For security reason, I should really use different passwords as well as usernames. Have you ever forgotten your WordPress password? It happened to me the other day, while trying to access my WordPress development install that I haven’t accessed in a very long time.

There are several ways to recover your WordPress password. One way of recovering your password is to use PHPMyAdmin, a database administration tool. I will walk you through how to recover your password using PHPMyAdmin. Assuming you have access to your PHPMyAdmin, (most host providers do)  you will need to access your WordPress database and the ‘wp-users’ table in particular. From there you can edit a user, probably the one with the admin rights.

You will notice that the password field is encrypted. You will not be able to read or guess the password, unless you know how to hash MD5 in your head. I doubt that you do. Maybe, you do. What this means is, that you will need to re-enter a new password for a user. The problem is how. How do you enter a hashed password? It’s easy. When you edit a user you will need to use the MD5 function for the password field.

WordPress uses the MD5 hash, not SHA1. It’s important that you select MD5.


The password field is called ‘user_pass’, and the function selected in this example, is MD5. You can now enter a clear text password in the form like the one above. Once the password is submitted, the password will be automatically encrypted.

You can now login to WordPress via the Admin Dashboard.

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