Does Steve Jobs Really Hate The Android?

Does Steve Jobs really hate the Android? Probably not. Hate is a such strong word. But he does have to play the part. That part is, where he puts down his competition and promotes his own product.  Jobs claimed that the Android is too fragmented?

Jobs’ comment about fragmentation is based on Twitter Deck’s challenge to develop software for hundreds of handsets. Supporters of the Android were quick to point out that Android development is focused only in three versions of the Android. Versions 1.5, 1.6 and 2.1, and half of the devices these days run on version 2.1.

iPhone development is based on tight control, while the Android is based on open development. There is good reason that both approaches can work. At the moment, the Android is ahead of the iPhone and the Blackberry in terms of market share. And that is probably the reason why Steve Jobs is acting the way he does.