iPad Great for Reading and Viewing

ZDNET has an article called “The truth about iPad: It’s only good for two things.” The author argues that the iPad is great for reading and viewing only. Ok, that doesn’t seem like a lot. It’s a bit overkill for a device that is worth $500 and upwards. You can do the same using your desktop, laptop, and netbook. I guess you can even argue a smartphone with an oversized screen can do the same things the iPad can.

You can also argue that the iPad is truly unique and has functions no other device has. It’s built by Apple, it must be really good. The main obstacle why people avoid buying one really comes down to price especially in today’s economy. No matter how many times I’ve visited the Apple store, I still get sticker shock, despite alreading knowing the price. Unless you have some extra cash to burn, most people will balk at idea of coughing $500 for a device that’s quite limited to what it can do.

Is the iPad overrated?

2 thoughts on “iPad Great for Reading and Viewing

  1. If you need repairs to any computer, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, you have to take it to a specialist. That’s nothing new. Granted, Apple stores are not ubiquitous, but I wouldn’t say that the iPad is overrated because of where you’ll need to take it for repairs.

    That said, I really love pie.

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