Dell Streak

Introducing the Dell Streak. It’s a 5 inch go-anywhere entertainment, social connection and navigation device. For $549 and a 2 year contract with AT&T you can have a Streak which browse the web, watch videos, access social media Facebook, Twitter and more, Google Maps with navigation, and hundreds of other applications from the Android Marketplace. Oh yes, it’s an Android powered device. It’s too bad, just like the iPhone, it’s only available from AT&T. Will you get one?

Track Tweets Between People Using Bettween

Ever wonder if there was a way to track conversations between two people on Twitter. Check out Bettween, the ultimate conversation tracker. At Bettween’s website, they feature several conversations between people like @mrskutcher and @perezhilton. Interesting stuff.

I learned of Bettween while reading Matt’s post about the Thesis theme violating WordPress’ license, which has generated a ton of comments. One of the comments had a link which captured conversations between @pearsonified and @photomatt.

Bettween is great. The only thing is, you can’t track conversations with your friends or followers that have private Twitter accounts. Fair enough because of privacy issues, but this tool comes very handy.

Display Number of Posts On WordPress Themes

For WordPress Theme developers who want to display the number of WordPress posts on their themes, there is already a built-in function in WordPress that makes it easy to add stats to your templates. To display the number of posts, just add this code in your templates:

<?php wp_count_posts( $type, $perm ); ?> posts

$type and $perm are optional. You can omit them.

Place the code on the sidebar or the footer to display.

Xperia X10

It looks like AT&T and Sony Ericsson are collaborating on a new Android superphone called the Xperia X10. It features a 4-inch screen, a 1GHz processor, an 8.1 megapixel camera and up to 32GB of memory. There is no word yet whether the device will run on Android 2.1 or the coveted Android 2.2.

The device also comes with Timescape which allows it to make chronological updates to Facebook, Twitter, SMS and other services. The device retails for $149 with a 2 year agreement with data plan. It will be available August 15.

Finally, here’s a preview of the Xperia X10.

Twitter @Anywhere

I was browsing around the Internet looking for WordPress plugins and I came across a site called @wpbeginner which introduced me to Twitter @Anywhere. I must say @Anywhere is quite impressive. One of the features of @Anywhere is auto-linkification of Twitter usernames as you’ve noticed on this post.

You can also add Hovercards which you’ve seen at Hovercards are small, context-aware tooltip that provides access to data about a particular Twitter user. Hovercards also allows a user to take action upon a Twitter user such as following and unfollowing, as well as toggling device updates.

In addition, you can also embed a Tweet Box on your site and encourage your users to share your information. I’ve tested it on this site, but decided not to use it. @Anywhere will hopefully will give you more followers and engagement. I’ve decided to use the auto-linkification and hovercard features on this site.

If you like to follow me, just hover over @ulyssesonline and click the Follow button. If you like to know more about @Anywhere, you can visit the developers site here.

Another Reason Google Wave Never Caught On

I was just thinking of several reasons why Google Wave never caught on with the general public. One reason that stood out for me was, it was damn near impossible to get a Google Wave account in the early days. When Google Wave was first released, it generated a lot hype, but getting a Google Wave invite was similar to having the odds of winning a lottery. I’ve asked many times, but I never got one until a several months later.

There lies the problem. It’s not that my opinion mattered, but there were thousands of others on the same boat that just wanted to use the application. How could an application go viral if you can’t get your hands on them. Facebook and Twitter became popular for many reasons. Access to Facebook and Twitter was never an issue. If you wanted to sign up for either application, it was there for the taking.

I thought restricting access to Google Wave initially was a wrong approach. That strategy might have worked for GMail, but it didn’t for Google Wave. It’s not like Google couldn’t handle the onslaught of people that wanted to use the application. Google has never had a problem scaling applications.

I’m sure there are many reasons why Google Wave never caught on, but not having access to the application early on didn’t help either.

Micro Center Online Catalog

If you live near Micro Center, they have an online catalog for viewing and download. They currently have a Back to School Back to Business Special. You can view all 42 pages online, as well as download the entire catalog as a PDF file.  There’s a 1 TB external drive for $59.99. You can get a free motherboard for select AMD and Intel processors. Micro Center stores are located in dozens of locations across the United States. Check it out.