Amazon Kindle DX Down to $379

Amazon just the Kindle DX down by $110 to just $379. The latest Kindle will ship July 7. You can read more about the Kindle DX from IW’s article:

Called “Pearl,” E Ink says the contrast ratio of the display is about 50% greater than the previous generation. E Ink technology, which is used in most e-readers, only displays text and graphics in black and white, but offers a reading experience with less eyestrain than a typical LCD screen used with PCs. In addition, E Ink-powered displays can be viewed in direct sunlight with no glare.

Amazon started taking pre-orders Thursday for the new Kindle DX, which sports a 9.7-inch diagonal screen. The standard Kindle has a 6-inch screen and sells for $189. Both e-readers come with 3G wireless technologies that Amazon provides without charge for buying and downloading e-books from its store.

Amazon’s focus on selling e-books is reflected in other recent announcements. The retailer this week released a new version of the Kindle software that makes it possible to play audio and video embedded in e-books. The new app is only for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, but is expected to be expanded to other platforms in the future.

In releasing the software, as well as a handful of multimedia books for $10 each, Amazon is trying to stay ahead of rivals, particularly Apple. The latter company launched its own iTunes bookstore along with the iPad tablet computer in April.

MS Office vs OpenOffice

If you are curious about MS Office and OpenOffice, and how they stack up against each other, here’s a good article¬† comparing the two Office suites. We already know OpenOffice is free. Microsoft could not get any better than offering MS Office for less than $50, which we know will never happen.

Most users will gravitate to MS Office, a suite they already are familiar with. OpenOffice offers an intriguing prospect because it’s free and almost compatible. I say almost because most of the functions work, but not all. There are other criteria worth checking out. Here’s the article.

Hulu Plus vs Netflix

Which is better? For the same amount of $9.99, you can watch Hulu Plus and Netflix online. Hulu offers the current TV shows from ABC, NBC and Fox sans CBS. Meanwhile, Netflix offers an extensive list of movies and TV shows. Over 20,000 movies available for streaming. Hulu offers 2,000 TV shows available for streaming.

One advantage Neflix has over Hulu is, Netflix will run on Playstation 3, XBox and the Wii. However, Hulu will stream on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Netflix has no commercials. Hulu does. In terms of high definition, Hulu seems to have a higher resolution.

If you are movie hoard, you can subscribe to both. You’ll get the best of both worlds.