Add a Home in WordPress Pages Widget

WordPress Widgets are handly little pieces of code that usually come from plugins. They are usually displayed on sidebars. One of my favorite widget is the Pages Widget. One thing that is obviously lacking from the Pages Widget is a ‘Home’ link.

A number of WordPress themes use ‘Pages’ for navigation. The navigation links are usually located on top or just below the header. Theme designers usually add a custom ‘Home’ link in addition to listing the pages, ie, wp_list_pages().

If you use the Pages Widget, you can add a ‘Home’ link without adding a single line of code. The inspiration came from an earlier article I wrote about ‘Creating a WordPress Page With An External Link.’

Add A Home

Go to your Dashboard > Pages > Add New

Enter in the Title: 

<a href=”/”>Home<a/>

Leave the content blank. Publish.

You now have a WordPress Page pointing back to your main index page. Verify if the ‘Home’ link is reflected on the Sidebar.

That’s it.

2 thoughts on “Add a Home in WordPress Pages Widget

  1. Hi, I really appreciate the work going into WordPress to make site, as I do not know code: thanks so much!! I used one of your black templates with the intention of making it pretty much just a blank with my own image, but am absolutely unable to change font despite the ID code give, it does not open to a subfolder bar to enter it anywhere nor can I enlarge it etc. and meta on the home page and subcategories under it is not going to be deleted anywhere also. I spent an hour on it and it appears there is an ommission. I did read one post on how and it is nonfunctioning. Can you please help, it is the site you designed which is beautiful, called Black-letterhead. It would be so much appreciated!! Michelle

    1. Michelle, Send me a link of your site. I might be able to help you out. If you like, I can customize your site for a minimal fee. Let me know if this something you might be interested. -Ulysses

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