Charging For Spam

Spam seems to be everywhere. I thought about all the spam I’ve received since I started blogging.  If I’ve charged for a dollar a spam, I’ll be a rich man by now. My current spam count is at 323,460.

My Akismet stats indicate that 99% of all my comments are of the spam variety. It’s a well-known fact that 95% of email is spam. Spam takes up a tremendous amount of hardware resources from CPU, memory and storage.

To fight back for resources lost, all bloggers should start charging spammers for every spam sent. Spam comments will be allowed to stand if a spammer has paid for them. All unpaid spam are deleted.

The question is, will there be enough spammers willing to pay for premium spam?

2 thoughts on “Charging For Spam

  1. I’ve never thought about premium spam, interesting idea :))

    I often wonder what’s in it for the spammers, since probably 95% of the spam doesn’t get through the filters. Or maybe the 5% that does get through is more than enough to be worth it.

    1. Premium spam. That idea is worth a try anyways. Spammers make serious money when people click their ads. Ever notice why most ads are about porn and pharma. Companies pay premium ads for them. I don’t know if the conversion rate online is worth all that trouble, but I know one company who makes good money selling ads.

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